Natural, Non-Toxic Cleaner Removes Mold & Mildew Smells From Fabrics — AND Wash Machines

Natural, Non-Toxic Cleaner Removes Mold & Mildew Smells From Fabrics — AND Wash Machines

Minneapolis, Minnesota (PRWEB) September 15, 2010

It is a pungent problem that unfortunately happens all-to-commonly in homes across the nation. Towels, clothes and other fabrics can often harbor a serious stench of mold, mildew and fungus that won’t go away no matter how many times they get washed. Now a new product called Smelly Towel Cleaner can remove those odors from fabrics — all in a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly manner. Just a half-teaspoon of Smelly Towel with detergent as a booster will not only remove foul odors, it can also enhance colors and keep towels and clothing looking like new.


Invented by a veteran residential appliance repairman, the company’s original product, Smelly Washer Cleaner attacks the moldy wash machine itself — often times the root cause of the mold problem. When it comes to the washing machine, ironically it is a device that can harbor more fungus than any other place in the home. Fungus spores often collect on residue left behind from detergents and fabric softeners and result in a moldy, mildew-like smell. One tablespoon of Smelly Washer powder added to a hot cycle can bring a washer back to a healthy state.


Medical experts agree that many fungi and molds can cause serious health problems and should be kept away from sensitive people, the elderly and children. Both Smelly Washer and Smelly Washer will easily remove odor-causing fungus and mold buildup without using harsh chemicals.


Smelly Towel & Smelly Washer sell for $ 16.99 per 12 ounce/24 treatment bottle at and are also available nationally at stores such as Ace Hardware; Hardware Hank; Do It Best; and many other retailers.


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Mold & Mildew

Mold & Mildew are very serious issues that you need to immediately take care of in your home and office. There are very serious health affects that can result from exposure to mold & mildew. At the same time it can destroy your facility due to how it attaches itself to various objects. Mold & mildew is basically the same thing regarding what they do. They difference is that mold can grow on walls and floors while mildew only grows on fabrics.

There are spores found in mold and mildew. They are what allows them to continue to multiply. There should be a foul odor if you have them present. You may not readily be able to see various types of mold and mildew though so you will have to hunt for the source of it. This could be under your carpet or in a wall where water has gotten into the area. Moisture is the number one cause of mold & mildew.

Individuals that suffer from allergies and asthma will find their symptoms significantly get worse when they are exposed to mold & mildew. There have been reports of people not being able to breathe well for periods of time and yet their doctor can’t find what is causing it. The underlying culprit ends of being mold & mildew that is either in their home or their office.

Not everyone has the same reaction to mold & mildew though. That is why several people can live in the same home or work in the same office, yet only one or two of them is affected by they mold & mildew that is present. Many doctors and health inspectors have become more aware though of these things being a possible reason for a person’s deteriorating health.

Individuals that live in areas where the climate is extremely humid will have more problems with mold & mildew. It is generally something that grows well in the basement due to the moisture collecting and there not being very much sunlight coming in. Using a dehumidifier can help to reduce the chances of mold & mildew developing in your home. You should also have it inspected on a regular basis by a professional if you worry about mold & mildew developing.