Alliance Environmental Group Announces New Technology for Removing Lead Based Paint and Mold

Alliance Environmental Group:  New Technology for Removing Lead Based Paint and Mold

Azusa, CA (PRWEB) January 9, 2008

Those in search of an effective way to rid mold or lead based paint can now eliminate in one clean sweep thanks to Alliance Environmental Group’s newest technology, ICESonic CO2 blasting. With numerous benefits and advantages over the traditional lead and mold removal service, CO2 blasting is the ultimate abatement solution, offering a faster, more thorough cleaning with little downtime and increased safety features.


As lead and mold both pose dangerous health threats, it’s important to seek environmental remediation services and implement effective means of abatement as soon as detected. The CO2 blasting service at Alliance is designed for a rapid yet thorough cleaning process without the long wait time, so that customers can handle their lead or mold problems in a timely manner.


“This dry ice blast method is excellent at removing lead based paint and mold from crevices that a traditional lead or mold removal service wouldn’t be able to reach,” says Company Spokesperson Stephanie Palos. “With CO2 blasting, customers can benefit from a more complete clean.”


In addition to a quick and intense cleaning process, this method of removing lead based paint and mold provides increased safety features by utilizing dry ice blasting pellets that are non-toxic and non-hazardous. Pellets are safe for people, the environment, end products and equipment and do not produce any secondary waste.


“The dry ice pellets used in the blasting process vaporize on contact, so no other secondary contaminant is created. The only waste created is the contaminant itself,” explains Palos. “In doing so, this process has proven very advantageous for the environment by reducing amounts of waste disposal.”


Alliance offers a comprehensive list of services for both lead based paint and mold, including proper containment and removal, thorough site decontamination, lawful disposal and testing referrals. Demolition, pest elimination and asbestos abatement and removal services are also offered as well. To learn more about these and other service offerings from Alliance, visit


About Alliance Environmental Group:


Alliance Environmental Group provides innovative solutions in the areas of asbestos, lead and mold abatement, demolition, air duct cleaning and emergency response. Backed by 51 years of combined experience, the company has successfully completed more than 45,000 remediation projects ranging from bed bug elimination to residential mold removal in California and surrounding areas. Alliance is a provider of ICESonic CO2 blasting, a new technology in lead and mold removal that utilizes dry ice pellets in the elimination process without lengthy downtime or risk to the environment.




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